Bumexazole- metronidazole solution for IV infusion


Injection (for Intravenous Infusion) 0.5% w/v in 100 ml (500 mg metronidazole in 100 ml). Protect from light.


Bumexazole (metronidazole) has been used for many years to treat urogenital trichomoniasis, amoebiasis, giardiasis and acute ulcerative gingivitis. Since ulcerative gingivitis is caused by gram-negative anaerobic microorganisms, the activity of metronidazole against a wide variety of clinically important anaerobes has been established.

It is now clear that metronidazole has universally bactericidal effect on obligate organisms which in-vitro minimum inhibitory and minimum bactericidal concentration of medicament are almost identical; aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria are unaffected by therapeutically attainable tissue concentrations of metronidazole.

Extensive experience in patients treated with Bumexazole  for all indications has shown that it is well tolerated and that blood, serum and tissue levels far in excess of those theoretically required for successful antibacterial therapy are regularly obtained. Moreover, metronidazole is able to pass the blood brain barrier and also rapidly reaches therapeutic concentrations in most other body fluids (e.g. saliva, bile, urine, amniotic fluid, breast milk  and in abscess cavities).

Bumexamzole Vail
Bumexamzole Vail


Treatment of infections in which anaerobic bacteria have been identified or are suspected as pathogens, particularly Bacteroides fragilis and other species or bacteroides and including other species for which metronidazole is bactericidal, such as fusobacteria, eubacteria, clostridia and anaerobic cocci.

Bumexazole has been used successfully in: septicaemia, bacteraemia, brain abscess, necrotizing pneumonia, osteomyelitis, puerperal sepsis, abscess, Pelvic cellulitis, peritonitis and post-operative wound infection, from which one or more of these anaerobes have been isolated.

Prevention of postoperative infection due to anaerobic bacteria, particularly species of bacteroides and anaerobic streptococci.


Intravenous Administration is particularly useful in emergencies and is indicated in patients needing surgery who:

  1. have or are believed to have anaerobic sepsis such as septicaemia, peritonitis, subphrenic or pelvic Abscesses.
  2. at operation show signs of established or impending anaerobic sepsis.
  3. undergo operations in which contamination occurs with anaerobes from the gastrointestinal or female genital tracts or the oropharynx.
  4. In infants and other patients maintained on intravenous fluids, Bumexazole injection may be diluted with appropriate volumes of normal saline, dextrose-saline, dextrose 5% w/v or potassium chloride injections (20 mmol and 40 mmol).

Treatment: Adults and children over 12 years: 100 ml by intravenous infusion eight-hourly. The injection should be infused intravenously at the rate of 5 ml per minute but may be administered alone or concurrently (but separately) other bacteriologically appropriate antibacterial agents in parenteral dosage forms.

Bumexazole PRODUCED BY Vodachem Pharmaceuticals, UNDER LICENCE OF Pharmacell.

flagyl - metronidazole IV infusion

Patient Information Leaflet

ENG - Patient Information Leaflet
Bumexazole INFUSION SOLUTION – Patient Information Leaflet

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Tags: Imidazole derivatives; metronidazole; J01XD01

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Bumexazole Injection Alternatives

Alternatives in English
Bumexazole injection alternatives
  1. TRICHOGYL- metronidazole solution for IV infusion.
  2. Metroflag- metronidazole solution for IV infusion.
  3. Bumexazole- metronidazole solution for IV infusion.
  4. Amrizole- metronidazole Injection.
  5. Flagyl- metronidazole Injection.

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