Abortion Pills in Egypt

Abortion pills have been at the center of controversy around the world for more than two decades. Abortion pills is a combinations of two active ingredients ( Mifeprostone “ known as RU-486” + Misoprostolol ) .

Abortion pills help women terminate pregnancies without surgery. The drug stops the production of the hormone progesterone needed to support a pregnancy. Many health authorities around the world approve its use for up to 49 days. This pills is a safer way for women who wanted to end their pregnancy without surgical procedure.

Important Notice: Some information on this page is outdated. For latest information regarding abortion pill , read ” Egypt- Safe abortion Pill and non-judgmental support “ from the link here.

Abortion pills increases women’s access to abortions especially in places where there are no clinics or in countries where abortion is not legal.

France and China were the first to approve the abortion pill in 1988, the UK and Sweden soon followed. By 2000 it was available in the US and Russia. It’s now available in 60 countries including Italy, Tajikistan and Mongolia and the World Health Organization has had it on its list of essential medicine.

Misoprostol - Abortion Medication In Egypt - Misotac - Cytotac - Misoprost
Misoprostolol – Abortion Medication In Egypt – Misotac – Cytotac – Misoprostol

Abortion pills in Egypt

Abortion pills (Mifepristone + Misoprostolol combination) are not available in Egypt. In addition it is not allowed to undergo surgical abortion according to Egyptian law. Therefore, women, in Egypt, use Misoprostolol tablets only to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

Misoprostolol tablets are not authorized to be sold in Egyptian pharmacies. It is available only in public hospitals and private maternity hospitals.

Misoprostol available in Egypt in 3 brands: Cytotec, Mesotac and Misoprost.

how to get misopristol – Egypt?

Click the next link, you will be redirected to another page(Egypt- Safe abortion Pill and non-judgmental support), at (How do I get the abortion pills) section.

Can I get abortion pills through international organizations? Women on web and Women on waves ,both are international organizations concerned with women’s right to access to safe abortion. Their online services  enable women around the world to access abortive medicines. However, due to the restrictions imposed by customs on the entry of medicines, shipments do not reach women in Egypt. In addition, the arrival of shipments takes at least 10 to 15 days, while most women who want to end their pregnancy need these drugs quickly. Summary: If you are living in Egypt, the online services offered by international organizations are not practical.

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