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Egyptian law does not allow access to safe abortion procedure, in a state of 100 million people, a one million square kilometers and deteriorating economic conditions! Photo Album:Misoprostol brands available in Egypt

Abortion medication is not emergency contraceptive

The abortion pill is sometimes confused with Plan B; the emergency contraceptive women can take up to 72 hours after sex that prevents pregnancy.

The abortion pill is different. The medical abortion consists of two medicines. One is called Mifepristone and the other one is Misoprostol. The Mifepristone blocks the hormone that’s necessary to keep the pregnancy intact and the Misoprostol, which is taken 24 hours later, is causing contractions of the womb. So that the pregnancy that’s ended, is being expelled. It’s very similar to miscarriage and the drugs are another solution for women because with medical abortion, they can do it themselves, safely, at home.

WHO: Mifepristone, Misoprostol are essential medicines

The abortion medicines (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) are on the list of essential medicines of the World Health Organization, which means that they are medicines that are so important for women’s health.

Despite the recommendations of the World Health Organization to make these two drugs available. Nonsurgical abortions (medical abortion pills) remain illegal in many countries.

Abortion in Egyptian law

Egyptian law allows abortion in specific cases. The Egyptian legislator permitted abortion only to save pregnant women life from a grave danger that threatens them as death and when abortion is the only way to prevent this.

In general, Egyptian law criminalizes abortion. The legislator considers abortion an assault on the fetus’s right to life in the future.

Egyptian law provides that: (a) anyone who deliberately help woman to aborts her pregnancy by giving her medicines or using other means or guiding her to do so, whether by her consent or not, is punishable by imprisonment.

However, in cases of abortion, convictions are rarely issued in Egypt for two reasons:

  1. Most of abortion cases are concealed and not reported, except in cases leading to the death of the mother.
  2. The judge understands the social or economic conditions that lead some mothers to terminate their pregnancy.

!!!! Egyptian law does not allow access to safe abortion procedure, in a state of 100 million people, a one million square kilometers and deteriorating economic conditions!

Abortion access isn’t only a domestic problem. In countries across the globe, women are also denied access, depending on what side of a border they live on.

Why do women in Egypt need to end their pregnancy

  1. Most foreign women residing in Egypt do not want to have children during their stay in Egypt, as this may affect the goals of their presence (such as work, research or study).
  2. Because of the relative ease of access to abortion medications in Egypt, compared to other countries (such as the Arab Gulf States), some women may come to Egypt to obtain abortion pills
  3. Egyptian women usually end their pregnancies for economic or social reasons.


Misoprostol - Abortion Medication In Egypt - Misotac - Cytotac - Misoprost
Misoprostol – Abortion Medication In Egypt – Misotac – Cytotac – Misoprost

Because Mifepristone is a registered abortion drug, its sale and use are not permitted in Egypt as law restricts abortion. (N.B. Mifepristone is not available in Egypt).

Although misoprostol is registered as an anti-ulcer medication, but according to MOH regulations, it is permitted for use in hospitals only and it is not allowed for community (public) pharmacies to sell Misopristol .

In Egypt, You CAN NOT get Misoprostol (Cytotec or Misotac or Misoprost) from community pharmacies. Misoprostol products not intended for sale in community pharmacies, according to Egyptian MOH regulations, Misoprostol is for hospitals use only.

Although abortion pills (Mifeprostone – Misoprostol combination) can be purchased through Women on Web in the Netherlands (, Shipment to Egypt cannot be delivered due to customs complications in releasing medicines.

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