What is Advancis® Refresh?

Advancis Refresh is a combination of antioxidants, vitamins and caffeine. These ingredients can help to reduce the unpleasant sensations caused by alcoholic intoxication, tobacco or alimentary excesses, through their protecting, detoxifying and revitalizing actions.

Why take Advancis® Refresh?

This formulation is composed by Silymbum marianum, Caffeine and Vitamin B6 which, when associated with vitamins C and B2, act synergistically in several organism’s functions, having an important role in the detoxification of alcohol and tobacco, during and after its excessive consumption. Furthermore, these ingredients act in revitalizing energy, combating typical fatigue from alcohol and tobacco intoxication or alimentary excesses.

How do Advancis® Refresh’s components work?

Silymbum marianum is a potent antioxidant and has a hepatic-protective action, providing the organism with protection in view of the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco. Additionally, and through the promotion of detoxifying reactions, it supplies relief to the typical symptoms of alcohol and tobacco intoxication such as headaches, dehydration, muscular pains and physical and intellectual asthenia.

Furthermore, alcohol interferes with the ingestion and degradation of several nutrients, namely complex B vitamins, affecting their metabolism.

Therefore, in these conditions, the supplementary intake of vitamins B6 and B2 should be considered. Additionally, Vitamin B6 is associated to a significant reduction of typical symptoms from alcohol and tobacco intoxication.

Caffeine is a stimulating component that increases the senses and reduces fatigue. Moreover, some studies have suggested caffeine may have a protecting effect for the liver.
Vitamin C acts as a co-helper in the detoxifying process, promoting detoxifying reactions through its potent antioxidant action.

How should Advancis® Refresh be taken?

Oral administration only.

Take 1 tablet dissolved in water upon waking. When needed, take another tablet before lunch. Alternatively, a tablet can be taken before alcohol ingestion or alimentary excess as a hepatic protector. Take immediately after effervescence has finished.

Do not exceed the recommended dosages.

When should Advancis® Refresh be taken?

Advancis® Refresh should be taken at any time to protect and detoxify the organism, before and/or after excessive alcohol or tobacco consumption or alimentary excesses.



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