Bronquium Elixir 1%

Pharmacological action

Bronquium Elixir contains theophylline having a bronchodilator action and glyceryl guaiacolate having an expectorante action. It is indicated for the treatment of respiratory affections where such actions are needed.


Each 100 ml contains: Anhydrous theophylline, 1 g; Glyceryl guaiacolate, 0,6 g; Excipients, q.s.


Symptomatic treatment of bronchial asthma and other bronchospastic conditions such as asthmatic bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.


Adults: 15-30 ml, 2-3 times daily.


  • Weighing over 45 Kg: The same dose as the adults.
  • Over 8 years old: 15 ml, 2-3 times daily.
  • Under 8 years old: 2.5 ml per each 4.5 Kg body weight, 2-3 times daily.

During the first day of therapy and in severe attacks, the ususal dose may be increased by one half.


Serious myocardic lesions.


Sporadically gastrointestinal disorders may appear or stimulating effects may occur (palpitations, insomnia, etc.).

Owing to individual idiosycrasy undersirable actions may appear, and in such a case the treatment must be stopped.


It must not be administered at the same time as preparations containing xanthine derivatives. The sympathicomimetic agents may increase the side-effects of theopylline.


The preparation must not be administered more frequently than every 6 hours. After the administration by rectal route of any preparation containing theophylline or aminophylline, a period of 12 hours must elapse before administering the preparation. Do not administer in case of known allergy.

Use during pregnancy

Administer with care and under medical vigilance.

Overdosage and its treatment

In case of poisoning by overdose proceed to gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment with sedatives, electrolytic sera and oxygen if necessary.


  • Bottle of 120 ml
  • Keep out of reach and sight of children.
برونكيوم اكسير by pharmacia1
برونكيوم اكسير by pharmacia1


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