Ginsana Capsule: Patient Information Leaflet

GINSANA is a natural product. It contains the active substances (ginseno sides) of the genuine Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer in form of the highly con centrated Extract G115 which is standardized on the total content of gin senosides. This extract belongs to the group of adaptogenic substances. These are substances which increase – e.g. in stress situations, during convalescence, and generally in cases of reduced physical and mental ef ficiency – the capacity of the human organism to overcome outside strain by adaptation.

GINSANA increases the physical and mental efficiency in states of weak ness and exhaustion, and is recommended for symptoms like nervous ness, fatigue, listlessness, reduced powers of concentration and reaction. During convalescence or in severe stress situations GINSANA helps to regain natural strength and to restore physical and mental balance.

GINSANA is indicated both for men and women at every stage of life. It unites the active substances of Ginseng (the ginsenosides) in different galenic forms which are easy to take and dose out, readily absorbed, well tolerated, pleasant-tasting.

GINSANA Capsules are particularly useful for people on the move: physical and mental workers, students, drivers, travellers, sportsmen, housewives. GINSANA Tonic is primarily inteded for persons not on the move: elderly people, convalescents and children. GINSANA Chewable tablets: for persons at every stage of life.


GINSANA is indicated whenever the physical or mental condition necessitates effective support:

  • to combat loss of concentration and to improve mental efficiency – to treat fatigue, weakness, and exhaustion
  • to improve physical performance
  • to alleviate stress caused by nervous debility – to help overcome menopausal disorders
  • to retard the degenerative process of ageing – to support the cardiovascular system
  • to activate cell metabolism
  • to induce better sleep
  • to shorten the period of convalescence – to improve the body’s resistance to infections
  • to induce a feeling of well-being and stability


The doses stated are for adults. Adolescents reduce eventually the doses stated according to their age.

GINSANA Capsules: Normally 2 capsules per day at breakfast or one each with breakfast and lunch. In severe stress situations the daily dosage can be increased up to 4 capsules during the initial period of treatment. The capsules are taken preferably with some liquid.

GINSANA Tonic: Normally 1 measuring cup = 15 ml per day before or after meals, preferably at breakfast. In severe stress situations the daily dosage can be increased up to 30 ml during the initial period of treatment.

GINSANA Chewable tablets: 2 to 6 tablets per day, according to need.

The onset and the intensity of the therapeutic action depend on each individual case and may vary from person to person. As a rule it is recommended to take GINSANA as a course of treatment for periods of 8 to 12 weeks.

Ginsana capsule patient information leaflet

جنسانا كبسول ginsana capsule
جنسانا كبسول ginsana capsule

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