Navigating Dammam’s Healthcare Landscape: Your Guide to Medical Centers and Clinics

Dammam’s medical scene is marked by a diverse array of healthcare facilities that cater to the city’s residents. From specialized medical centers to dental clinics, this guide presents an extensive list of contact information for your convenience.

Your Path to Well-being

Stay informed about the medical resources available to you in Dammam. Use the Ctrl + F search feature in your browser to quickly find what you’re looking for. For further inquiries or contributions, feel free to reach out through the comment section or the Contact Us page.

Medical Centers

Safa Medical Center

  • Telephone: 013-8351016

Ajyad Polyclinic

  • Telephone: 013-8056444

Al Kahhal Medical Complex

  • Telephone: 013-8097777

Canadian Medical Center

  • Telephone: 920005510

Al Taqwa Medical Complex

  • Telephone: 013-8096464

International Medical Center

  • Telephone: 013-8277445

Dr. Abdalaziz Alwehaibi Medical Complex

  • Telephone: 013-8099578

Shifa Al Dammam Medical Center

  • Telephone: 013-8176806

Fajr Al Dammam Medical Complex

  • Telephone: 013-8152555

Cardio Vascular Center

  • Telephone: 013-8276195

Anak General Medical Co

  • Telephone: 013-8423163

Dammam Rays Center

  • Telephone: 013-8301718

Saud Al Babtain Cardiac Center

  • Telephone: 013-8155685

Dental Clinics

Saudi European Dental Clinic

  • Telephone: 013-8267660

Millennium Dental Center

  • Telephone: 013-8450400

Ahaleena Dental Clinic

  • Telephone: 013-8333044

Specialist Dental Treatment Center

  • Telephone: 013-8344428

Ram Dental Care Dammam 2 Branch

  • Telephone: 013-8425701

Ram Dental Care

  • Telephone: 013-8154214

Dr. Al Mozher Dental Polyclinic

  • Telephone: 013-8418706

Madaar Al Shefa Dental Polyclinic

  • Telephone: 013-8154214

Lama Medical Complex

  • Telephone: 013-8152555

Diamond Dental Center

  • Telephone: 013-8117979

Dento Plast Center’s

  • Telephone: 013-8180066

Adwa’a Al Haikmah Dental Center

  • Telephone: 013-8320130

Avicena Dental Center

  • Telephone: 013-8338486

Vision Care

Al Bashawri Opticals

  • Telephone: 013-8350024

Embrace Wellness in Dammam

From dental clinics to vision care centers and specialized medical complexes, Dammam’s healthcare landscape stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to the health and well-being of its residents. As this list continues to evolve, we invite you to engage and share your insights to further enrich the community’s healthcare dialogue.

Ensuring Accurate Information

We recognize the importance of accurate and current information, and we encourage you to collaborate with us in maintaining the accuracy of these resources. If you come across any discrepancies or have details about new medical facilities that need to be added or updated, please use our Contact Us Form to inform us.

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