Discovering Healthcare Centers in Eastern Saudi Arabia: Your Local Guide

Navigating the healthcare landscape can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when looking for reputable medical, dental, and optical facilities. To streamline your journey, we’ve meticulously compiled a comprehensive directory of healthcare centers across Eastern Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re in Dahrān, Abqaiq, Seihat, Hafr Al-Baten, Hafouf, Tarf, Khafji, Noayriah, Saihat, Ras Tannoura, Rahiema, or Safwa, this guide offers valuable information to help you access reliable healthcare services.

Dahrān: A Hub of Medical Care

  1. Al Faraby Dispensary – Doha
    • Phone: 03-8916163
  2. Al Doha National Dispensary
    • Phone: 03-8919291

Abqaiq: A Spectrum of Healthcare Services

  1. Manar Al Sahha Dispensary
    • Phone: 03-5660163
  2. Al Madlouh Dispensary
    • Phone: 03-8500208
  3. Abdullah Al Dossary National Dispensary – Abqiq
    • Phone: 03-5661455

Seihat: A Haven for Health

  1. Al Saddiq Hospital
    • Phone: 03-8500160
  2. Al Wazzan Vision – Siehat
    • Phone: 03-8524074
  3. Zuhair Vision Center – Siehat
    • Phone: 03-8505205

Hafr Al-Baten: Where Health Thrives

  1. Dr. Noor Mohammed Khan Clinic
    • Phone: 03-7220701
  2. Al Hujeilan Polyclinic
    • Phone: 03-7225270
  3. Dr. Noor Mohammed Khan General Hospital
    • Phone: 03-7225550

Hafouf: A Hub of Medical Excellence

  1. Hussein Al Ali Polyclinic
    • Phone: 03-5878796
  2. Al Naim Clinic-Ihsaa
    • Phone: 03-5877733

Tarf: Providing Health with Heart

  1. Al Tarf Charity Society Clinic
    • Phone: 03-5393200

Khafji: A Center of Specialized Medical Care

  1. Specialized Medical Center 2 – Khafji
    • Phone: 03-7664222
  2. Manar Medical Complex
    • Phone: 03-7674646
  3. Al Rahma Medical Complex – Khafji
    • Phone: 03-767449
  4. Al Khafji National Hospital
    • Phone: 03-7661111

Noayriah: Empowering Health and Wellness

  1. Al Nuairiyah Medical Complex
    • Phone: 03-3731284

Saihat: Unveiling Health Solutions

  1. Rubban Medical Center – Saihat
    • Phone: 03-8355488

Ras Tannoura: Nurturing Health and Vision

  1. Al Taafi Dispensary
    • Phone: 03-6672665
  2. Zuhair Vision Center – Ras Tannoura
    • Phone: 03-6681816

Rahiema: Delivering Health with Care

  1. Rahima Al Ahli Dispensary
    • Phone: 03-6674490
  2. Shifa Rahima Dispensary
    • Phone: 03-6672525

Safwa: A Foundation of Health and Support

  1. Al Safa Social Services Society Dispensary
    • Phone: 03-6641637
  2. Salamatek Dispensary- Safwa
    • Phone: 03-6642193
  3. Specialized Medical Complex
    • Phone: 03-6644116

Please note that information is subject to change, and we recommend verifying the details before visiting. We are committed to helping you make informed healthcare decisions in Eastern Saudi Arabia. If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Ensuring Accurate Information

We recognize the importance of accurate and current information, and we encourage you to collaborate with us in maintaining the accuracy of these resources. If you come across any discrepancies or have details about new medical facilities that need to be added or updated, please use our Contact Us Form to inform us.

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