List of Medical facilities in the Southern Region- Saudi Arabia

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Medical facility City Phone
Al Themal Medical Center – Abha ABHA 07-2316666
Al Arkan Polyclinic ABHA 07-2282626
Al Nomais Polyclinic Complex- Al Badeea ABHA 07-2253555
Al Rahmah Abha Hospital ABHA 07-2282020
Abha Private Hospital ABHA 07-2292222
Magrabi Eye & Ear Center JIZAN 07-3225555
Nasser Daifallah Morayaa-Jizan JIZAN 07-3173725
Shifa Jizan Polyclinic – Jizan JIZAN 07-3232266
Al Haramain Clinic – Jizan JIZAN 07-3172222
Al Safwa Dental Clinic – Jizan JIZAN 07-3222777
Magrabi Optical – Jizan JIZAN 07-3225003
Al Qadi Polyclinic NAJRAN 07-5431000
Al Qadi Medical Clinic NAJRAN 07-5231000
Al Hayah Medical Center NAJRAN 07-5290888
Dawa Al Janoub Medical Center NAJRAN 07-5422075
Dawa Al Salama Clinic-Najran NAJRAN 07-5221080
Al Atfain Med. Clinic – Najran NAJRAN 07-5440016
New Al Atfain Clinic – Najran NAJRAN 07-5230851
Dento Plast Center – Najran NAJRAN 07-5222222
Al Safwa Dental Clinic NAJRAN 07-5225566
Al Zafer Hospital NAJRAN 07-5235000
Magrabi Optical – Najran NAJRAN 07-5221221
Al Themal Medical Center – Khamis Mushait KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2226666
Al Shamel Family Clinic KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2219794
Al Razi Clinic KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2220700
Wasni Medical Center KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2741000
Al Khamis Medical Polyclinic KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2222012
Mustasharak Medical Center – Khamis Mushait KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2200066
Al Hosam Clinic – K. Mushait KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2351154
Al Shamil Family Polyclinic KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2228800
Madar Al Shifa Dental – Khamis Mushait KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2358888
Saudi German Hospital- Assir KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2355000
Magrabi Eye & Ear Center KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2222029
Al Ahli Hospital KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2350000
Al Hayat Hospital – Khamis Mushait KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2334444
Magrabi Optical – Kahish Mushait – AL-Khayreya KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2211948
Barakat Optical – Military City Road KHAMIS MUSHAIT 07-2573873
Tathlith National Clinic TATHLITH 07-2670359
Al Ahli Medical Cliinic – Dahran Al Janoub DAHRAN AL JANOUB 07-2551829
Al Salam Medical Dispensary – Bisha BISHA 07-6223575
Haramain Clinic – Ahad Rufaida AHAD RAFEEDA 07-2507677
Deryaq Medical Center – Namas NAMAS 07-2831367
Future Visions Clinic – Sarat Abida SARAT ABIDA 07-2590505
Muhayl National Hospital MUHAYL ASSIR 07-2856666
Al Mekhwa Al Ahli Clinic MEKHWA 07-7270801
Ashfa Medical Center MANDAG 07-7513525
Al Salama Dispensary – Baha BAHA 07-7255052
Ghamid National Clinic BALJURESHI 07-7220540
Mesha`al Al Ahli Polyclinic MEKHWA 07-7280915
Osamah Polyclinic – Aqiq AQIQ 07-7293000
Ghodran General Hospital BALJURESHI 07-7220554
Ba – Ashen Polyclinic SABIA 07-3274619
Jarash Polyclinic – Sabia SABIA 07-3273030
Jarash Polyclinic – Abo Arish ABOU ARISH 07-3244100
Al Jazirah Polyclinic – Sharoora SHAROORA 07-5321966

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