Health and Wellness Oasis: Yanbu, Badr, Quba’a, Qunfudah, Raniah, Khorma

From the coastal city of Yanbu to the tranquil towns of Badr, Quba’a, Qunfudah, Raniah, and Khorma, the healthcare landscape flourishes, ensuring that residents and visitors alike have access to exceptional medical services. In this post, we’ll explore the medical centers and clinics that contribute to the health and wellness of these diverse regions.

Yanbu: Caring for a Coastal Community

Red Sea Polyclinic

  • Location: YANBU
  • Phone: 04-3223413

Al Amal Medical Group

  • Location: YANBU
  • Phone: 04-3220000

Yanbu Specialized Clinics

  • Location: YANBU
  • Phone: 04-3225566

Ghassan N. Pharaon Polyclinic (GNP)

  • Phone: 04-3923222

Al Ansari Specialist Hospital

  • Phone: 04-3925111

Sameer Ibrahim Saeedi Hospital

  • Location: YANBU
  • Phone: 04-3915000

Yanbu National Hospital

  • Phone: 04-3962000

Safa Yanbu Hospital – Yanbu

  • Location: YANBU
  • Phone: 04-3910000

Al Ansari Optics – Yanbu

  • Location: YANBU
  • Phone: 04-3910737

Al Ansari Optics – Yanbu Industrial

  • Phone: 04-3926444

Beyond Yanbu: Enriching Healthcare

Al Noor Polyclinic – Badr

  • Location: BADR
  • Phone: 04-3320227

Al Dar Specialist Hospital – Quba’a

  • Location: QUBAA
  • Phone: 04-8235390

Tuhama Polyclinic

  • Location: QUNFUDAH
  • Phone: 02-7331646

Raniah National Clinic

  • Location: RANIAH
  • Phone: 02-8424061

Al Asheery Al Ahli Clinic – Qunfudah

  • Location: QUNFUDAH
  • Phone: 07-7469799

Al Elaj Medical Clinic – Khorma

  • Location: KHORMA
  • Phone: 02-8323346

Upholding Health in Taif

Al Nahda Hospital

  • Location: TAIF
  • Phone: 02-7250600

A Spectrum of Wellness

From the bustling cityscape of Yanbu to the serene locales of Badr, Quba’a, Qunfudah, Raniah, and Khorma, a range of healthcare providers stands committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of residents across these regions. Each clinic and hospital plays a pivotal role in nurturing a thriving community, promoting well-being, and offering comprehensive medical care.

Ensuring Accurate Information

We recognize the importance of accurate and current information, and we encourage you to collaborate with us in maintaining the accuracy of these resources. If you come across any discrepancies or have details about new medical facilities that need to be added or updated, please use our Contact Us Form to inform us.

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