NORACIN- Norfloxacin for UTI

NORACIN is the brand name of Norfloxacin, a synthetic Fluoroquinolone derivative with a broad spectrum antibacterial activity. Each NORACIN film coated tablet contains 400 mg of Norfloxacin.


Urinary tract infections: NORACIN is indicated in adults in the treatment of complicated and uncomplicated urinary tract infection caused by citrobacter freundi, Enterobacter cloacae ( Aerobacter cloacae). Escherictna coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Proteus mirabilis, indole – positive Proteus species (including P Vulgaris, Providenia rettgrii and Morganella morgana – Proteus morganii), Pseudomonas aeruginosa. S. Epidermidis and group D Streptococci.

نوراسين 400 مجم أقراص لألتهاب المسالك البولية و التهابات البروستاتا
نوراسين 400 مجم أقراص لألتهاب المسالك البولية و التهابات البروستاتا


In addition to the preceding indications NORACIN is used in:

  • Gonorrhea or gonococcal urethritis: NORACIN is used in the treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea and gonococcal urethritis caused by penicillinase producing Neisseria gonorrhea.
  • Gastroenteritis: NORACIN is used as primary agent in the treatment of bacterial gastroenteritis caused by aeromonas hydrophila,enterotoxigenic E.coli. Salmonella species, Shigella flexneri (S. Paradysenteriae). S.sonnei (Bacterium Sonnet) and vibrio parahaemolyticus.


Usual Adult Dose

  • Urinary Tract Infections (uncomplicated): 400 mg every 12 hours for 3 days- Up to maximum of 800 mg daily.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (complicated): 400 mg every 12 hours for 10 to 21 days.
  • Bacterial gastroenteritis : 400 mg every 8 to12 hours for 5 days- Up to 1.2 grams daily.
  • Gonorrhea or Gonococcal Urethritis: 800 mg as single dose.

Use in Pediatrics

NORACIN should not be used in children because it causes arthropathy in juvenile animals. 


  • Adults with impaired renal function (creatinine clearance < 30 ml/minute per 1.73 M2) require a reduction in dose as follows: Urinary tract infection, 400 mg once a day for seven to ten days ( uncomplicated) or ten to twenty one days (complicated).
  • NORACIN is preferably taken with a full glass of water (240 ml) one hour before or two hours after meals, since presence of food delays its absorption.
نوراسين أقراصNoracin tablet
نوراسين أقراصNoracin tablet


  • Most common: Drowsiness, gastrointestinal disturbance (abdominal or stomach pain or upset. constipation, loss of appetite. nausea or vomiting), heartburn, rash.
  • Less common: Diarrhea. dry mouth, photosensitivity, trouble in sleeping and CNS effects (dizziness, light headedness, headache and mental depression, insomnia).
  • Exacerbation of symptoms of myasthenia gravis.
  • NOTE: Crystalluria is very unlikely to occur unless the patient’s urine has become alkalinized.


Norfloxacin should not be used in children or pregnant women since it has showed to cause arthropathy in immature animals.

Risk benefits should be considered when the following medical problems exist:

  • History of seizures
  • Renal impairment however adjustments in dosage must be made (see DOSAGE).

Norfloxacin should be used with caution in patients with myasthenia gravis.


  • Patients should drink sufficient fluids.
  • Patients should continue medicine for full time of treatment.

Avoid concurrent use with antacids or take the antacid at least 2 hours after NORACIN administration.

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Noracin- Arabic Information
نوراسين 400 مجم اقراص by pharmacia1
نوراسين 400 مجم اقراص by pharmacia1

Patient Information Leaflet

ENG - Patient Information Leaflet
NORACIN – Patient Information Leaflet
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